About Us

Ed is a Vietnam Veteran, Go Navy, and was an avid fisherman and woodworking craftsman.

When we began designing our Rubber Rod Holders, Bajaedd was making Custom Fishing Rod Racks. He thought the rod holders that were on the market were taking away from his beautiful rod racks, so he designed and developed these.  

We ran into a problem with the material we were advised to use, but soon found a solution.  These rubber rod holders are not only good looking but will withstand any weather, will not lose their shape, will not crack, and will protect your rods with the recessed stainless steel screws (included).

Even though they were made for the fishing industry, they are not just for fishing anymore. These have found many uses in a variety of industries. Customers who purchase these, are using them in all types of applications, from fishing rods, boat manufacturers, sport-fishing boats, military, film industry, boom pole holders, garden equipment, farm equipment, swimming pool, antenna holders for ATV, mag light holders, shotgun holders, just for example.  We are very proud of our Rubber Rod Holders. They will outlast anything on the market.