The Beginning

The Beginning

Are you looking for a Long Lasting Rod Holder?

These Rod Holders are superior to anything on the market in style, durability, functionality and ease of use.

After 4 years of research and development we built a better mouse trap. We took a common product and made it better. How? Our rod holders are resistant to all the elements, sun saltwater, fuel and oil. Yes, they are UV protected. We guarantee they will not crack or lose their shape for years and years.

They have 1000s of uses, fishing rods, oars, wiring, bilge pugs, fuel lines, flashlights, and on and on. They are manufactured here in the USA. using our patented formula of quality material. Unexcelled longevity, Ease of use with our finger tip release. Our rubber rod holders utilize 2 stainless steel screws that are recessed, because of the two screws the rod holder stays in place. 

Just a little background. Baja Ed was an engine-man on the USS Constellation during the Vietnam War. He was also an avid deep sea fisherman as well as a craftsman. While building our custom fishing rod racks, he saw a need for a better looking and functional tip rod holder. Because of the demand for more sizes and use in different industries, we developed and designed more styles and sizes of our Rubber Rod Holders. 

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